Journal History

Overview of the history of the eJESET Journal

Electronic Journal of Education, Social Economics and Technology (eJESET) ISSN 2723-6250 (online) published by SAINTIS Publishing (CV) starting from Volume 1, No. 1 Year 2020 under old domain However, along the way, it encountered many technical problems, especially that about web security and hosting capabilities, so must migration to new domain under URL Publisher This migration was carried out in order to optimize professional management and meet good security standards for hosting journals.

What will change:

 What will not change:

  • Journal name and content will not change.
  • DOI of a published article will not change. Your journal and publication will continue.
  • ISSN, and other indexing will not change.
  • Logos, cover and look and feel of the website will not change.
  • Our email id ; will not change.